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If you’re a runner or triathlete, and you want a break through to the next level, I can help you. My name is Bobby McGee. I’ve been involved in endurance coaching for 32 years. I absolutely love the sport. I've spent my years coaching elite athletes and individual amateurs of all levels, guiding them to achieve their goals.


Whether it's helping athletes beat alcoholism or win a championship, I'm grateful for the opportunity to inspire and pass on thirty-plus years of endurance coaching to a broad audience.


There are three very important aspects of endurance training;

Firstly, address your running mechanics. Teach yourself to run effectively and to avoid injuries in order to race at your optimum level. Secondly, look at how you train. What is it about your training that’s holding you back? Is there a way that you can train better? Lastly, address the mental blocks that hold you back. How can you unleash the power of your mind to get you to race effectively?


This is an opportunity to be introspective and to learn and grow as a person through this wonderful sport of running.

Carrie Messner-Vickers

"I have worked with Bobby McGee since 2004. Besides his coaching, which turned my career around, he paid particular attention to my form; something I’d not had before in my career.  I set the current American record for 2000m Steeplechase. He knows his stuff & his approach to biomechanics definitely works for me."

Eddie Herd

Congrats to Bobby for taking me from being diagnosed a “most likely never going to run again” former athlete in 2006 to a 2007 USA Triathlon Age Group All American. Amazing!! I was running down famous Alii drive here in Kona at lunch today doing some up tempo stuff while focusing on cadence and form that I learned from him when it hit me….I wasn’t supposed to be able to do this running thing anymore…HA!!! Here’s a cheer to what good people can do to help one another realize their dreams!!

2015 Two-Day Intensive Run Clinics

Bobby McGee

Camp Coaches

We understand that many of you lead very busy lives. Finding time for multi-day camps during the work week can be challenging. In 2015 we are offering four two-day clinics with Bobby McGee. Each clinic will be limited to 20 people to allow for a comprehensive and transformative experience for participants. Our outstanding locations and facilities will provide both the beginner and experienced competitors with an excellent opportunity to develop their conditioning along with their mental and physical skills.


Come prepared to focus on your passion and love for the beautiful sport of running with Bobby McGee. Special attention will be given to individual development in order to ensure maximum athletic progress. Everyone from fun run joggers to Olympic caliber racers can benefit from the teaching and coaching.


“A coach is the one thing I will never give up in terms of triathlon. You can take my sneakers and I’ll run barefoot, take my Specialized and I will ride my Trek road bike but do not take my Coach. They are counselors, motivators, inspirations and all around wellness gurus.”

Learn How to Be Your Best

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"I could not more highly recommend Bobby McGee's Run Transformation Course. This will be the most instructional... the most transformative run training video training course on the market. If you truly take this course, and apply it, there is no way you cannot transform your running."


Mark Plaatjes

1993 Marathon World Champion

"I worked with Bobby in my lead up to the Athens Olympics.  His approach took my running to the next level, helping me become the World #1 ranked triathlete for 2 years. His blend of science & intuition definitely brings out the best runner you could possibly be.”


Barb Lindquist

Olympic Triathlete

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